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      • Ordering new equipment

        If you require more fobs and/or readers, all you need to do is drop us an email at Tell us how many you would like and any numbering and branding requirements.  We'll come back to you with a quote including tax and shipping for ...
      • Archiving Properties

        If you want to remove a property from Keyzapp, you can archive it.  This will remove it from the search and reports. Warning: Once you have archived a property, you will not be able to find it again without contacting support, as it will be removed ...
      • SMS Text Messaging Billing and Allowances

        Monthly Allowances Some of our subscriptions provide a monthly allowance of SMS messages that resets every month. Professional Subscription: 100 SMS messages are included for free every month. Legacy Standard Subscription: 50 SMS are included for ...
      • How to Review All Email /Text Messages (even if failed)

        Keyzapp keeps a history of every message it sends out on the Messaging Page. If you suspect that some messages are not being sent correctly, or just want a technical view of what is going on, the Messaging page is the place to go. Understanding How ...
      • How To Setup Manually Triggered Key Reminders

        This article is for Office Administrators.  If you want to see how to send a manual reminder, click here. Automatic key reminders are the recommended way chase your keys back in most cases. It’s often useful to be able to manually trigger additional ...

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        • Quick Start Guide

          New to Keyzapp, or want a quick refresher? The tips below will get you started! Log in Navigate to the login page from the website ( and select your region. Other ways of logging in may be found here Search To locate a property, ...
        • FAQs

          Data in Keyzapp How do I change the details of a keyring/property/person? Search for and select the appropriate keyring/property/person, then click 'Edit' beside the detail you wish to update. If there is not an obvious place to store the detail, use ...
        • Managing Tenant Keys & Long-Term Issue

          Different Keyzapp users adopt different approaches to managing tenant keys - most have all keyrings marked as tenant keys as the default, while others only mark specific sets.  Long-term issue will not show as an option if you have decided not to ...
        • Setup your Keyzapp Reader on a Mac

          We use a third party app called NFC Ideas to enable smart fob scanning on an Apple Mac. Download it here, then follow the instructions below to set it up. Using a Windows PC? Download our Keyzapp Companion App instead! To get scanning working Visit ...
        • Using Keyzapp on iPhones

          You do not need an app to use Keyzapp on your iPhone.  We just recommend that you add Keyzapp to your home screen the first time you log in. Scanning Keys with the Camera (Works on any iPhone)  This is the recommended method if you have an iPhone X ...