An Overview of the Keyzapp Solution

An overview of the Keyzapp solution


Keyzapp has been designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind.

It enables you to manage your keys with ease, using online software and optional smart key fobs which attach to your key rings, making them digital. Using Keyzapp, it is easy to manage and store all your key activity and information in one place.

The main elements of Keyzapp are described below:

  • Keyzapp - the online app
  • Smart fobs
  • ID fobs/cards
  • Keyzapp Reader & Keyzapp Companion
  • Barcode Scanners

Keyzapp – the online app

The most important part of Keyzapp is the online web application at  (or for Canada/USA and for Asia-Pacific/Australia). This cloud-based software stores all the information about your keys and has a simple two-click guided process for signing keys out. It can be accessed from any internet-enabled device - including computers, tablets and mobile phones .

Please refer to the Keyzapp – the web app section of the support portal for a page-by-page walkthrough of Keyzapp and its functionality.

Smart fobs

Smart fobs hang on your keyrings and interact with the web app via a tap or scan. Whilst they are optional, the vast majority of our customers choose to use these. They are available in different versions to suit your needs, including fully customised, numbered fobs, or simple smart stickers which attach to your existing key tags.

The How Do I…? section of the support portal provides detailed instructions for activities you are likely to perform with fobs, including signing keys in and out and assigning fobs to keyrings.

ID fobs/cards

Optional ID fobs/cards are a quick way to identify a person . When they are tapped or scanned, they interact with the Keyzapp web app and make issuing keys even faster. They also offer a handy way to log in to Keyzapp for your team.

Please refer to the How do I…? section for instructions on use. The Administration & Management pages contain instructions for assigning ID fobs/cards .

Keyzapp Readers & Keyzapp Companion

Keyzapp Readers plug into your desktop/laptop, and work with Keyzapp Companion in the background to enable your computer to detect fobs and ID cards when you tap them on the Reader.

Instructions for installing Keyzapp Companion are available here . For troubleshooting, please refer to this section of the support portal.

Barcode Scanners

Most customers use Keyzapp Readers, but for customers using Mac computers or Remote Desktop we generally recommend Barcode Scanners instead. They plug into your desktop/laptop, enabling your computer to detect fobs and ID cards when you scan their barcode (QR code).

For troubleshooting, please refer to this section of the support portal.

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