Add and edit reservations

Add and edit reservations

Keyzapp's reservation feature can be switched on at your request.

Reservations is a quick and easy way to save reservation times and notes to avoid a key being signed out when someone else needs it

Reserve a key using the property's address

This is the best way to reserve a set of keys when you know the property's address rather than the specific Keyring ID.
  1. From the Keyzapp Home page, begin typing in the property's address via the search bar and select the correct result from the drop down list.
  2. The Keyrings box on the Property Details page lists all the sets of keys which you track for that property. In the Action column, click the blue down arrow for the set of keys you would like to reserve.
  3. Select Reserve from the actions available.

  1. The Reservations page will load. Complete the ' Reservation Details ' box by selecting from when you would like the key to be reserved.
  2. You can also add optional details about the reservation in the Notes box e.g. who will be taking it, why the key is required.
  3. To confirm the reservation, click Reserve . The reservation will last until midnight on the day of reservation (see orange box below).

Reserve a key when you know the Keyring ID

Follow these quick steps when you know the Keyring ID for the set of keys you would like to reserve.
  1. From the Keyzapp home page, begin typing in the Keyring ID via the search bar and select the correct result from the dropdown list. 
  2. On the Keyring Details page, click the Reserve button in the ' Keyring Status ' box.

The Reservations page will load and should be completed as above (date and time required, further details if wished). Don't forget to click Reserve!

Reservation alerts

When a key has been reserved, a purple icon will show wherever the Keyring ID appears to alert you to the reservation.  Details of the reservation can be seen by hovering your mouse over the icon. 

Edit / cancel a reservation

You can amend or cancel a reservation at any time. 
  1. Navigate to the required Keyring via the Home search, the Property tab or the Keyring tab.
  2. Click on the purple icon showing the key is reserved.
  3. Press Edit Reservation to amend the reservation time or notes OR press Cancel to cancel the reservation and add an optional note

Cleaning up expired reservations . By default, all reservations will be cleared automatically at midnight on the day of the reservation. If you need a different clean-up schedule, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Sign out a reserved key

Follow the normal process for signing out a key
It is possible to sign out a reserved key even if it does not match the reservation, as we know that sometimes urgent things can crop up and keys do need to be available! However, Keyzapp makes it very clear that the key being signed out has a reservation in place, so that any conflicts can be easily identified and addressed.

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